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My Inspiration_

Soul Energy Artist

Since she was a child

she was very much in touch with her spiritual inner voice. Growing up she didn’t know how to express it in the right way. When she discovered the knowledge of Aura-Soma, her energetic channel opened up more. Connecting with the energetic power of Numbers and Colours were also part of her Awakening.

The main question

that came up for her was: “How can I realise myself while being in the highest vibration in my colourful world and how can I transmit this to people? The last 2 years she attracted many people and teachers in her life, giving her the right answers.

These were

the Answers she received
1. Pay attention to your Artistic Self.
2. Start creating Spiritual paintings.

Soul Energy Artist_

Iryna was very surprised as she never could imagine herself as an artist. She started to transmit her passion for colours by painting oil on a canvas. Iryna has never studied professional Art lessons. She believes that her gift comes from her Soul. After her first energy painting, she started to see, flash-light images coming in her inner vision. While painting, the artist feels much stronger and more energized. During the creation of the masterpiece by tuning into the client, a deep energy process is revealed, shared and experienced. An energetic Soul connection is made between the artist and the client during the creation of the masterpiece. The process of Transformation is happening as Iryna is painting


her deep spiritual part was totally satisfied, and she was following her Soul Purpose. Iryna can see your Soul Light and the Colours of your Energy field. Her gift is to paint this on canvas in creating your personal Energetic Masterpiece.


it is the time to share her unique gift in creating Soul Energy Paintings with the world. Her mission as an artist is to help to open and expand Soul and Energy Light in her clients and to show the beauty of the colors in his/her personal Energy Masterpiece