Iryna Parepskaya

The soul energy artist

Although born in Belarus, Eastern Europe, Iryna now calls the Mediterranean Principality of Monaco her home, where she continues to create her unique and meaningful art. From a young age, Iryna's life journey took her on a path of exploration and spiritual self-discovery.

As a young girl, Iryna excelled in Artistic Gymnastics, showcasing her determination and discipline. It was a serendipitous moment passing in front of an Orthodox church that marked the beginning of her spiritual calling. The experience ignited a deep sense of feminine energy and spirituality within her, and she found herself drawn to explore the realms of spirituality further.As a teenager, she delved into the study of the laws of attraction, realizing even then the power of self-belief. These early insights laid the foundation for her lifelong journey of spiritual exploration and artistic expression. Throughout her life, Iryna has always embraced spirituality, guided by the maxim, “Spirit lives in a material world, but your Purpose must be aligned.” As she honed her artistic skills, she discovered her unique ability to express her profound spiritual connection through her soul-energy paintings, infusing each creation with love, harmony, and healing energies. Today, she stands as a visionary soul-energy artist, captivating hearts and souls with her transformative art that serves as a portal to a higher dimension of existence.

Guided by a series of synchronicities and encounters with teachers and mentors, Iryna delved into the realms of energy, numerology, color science, and sacred geometry. At the age of 28, her spiritual mission became clear: to channel her artistic self and create spiritual paintings that would touch the souls of others.Surprising even herself, Iryna embarked on a new artistic journey, translating her passion for color into oil paintings on canvas. With her very first attempt at energy painting, she experienced vivid images flashing before her inner vision, as if the paintings themselves were revealing their essence to her. Thus, her path as a “Soul-Energy Artist” was born.


Iryna’s approach to art is truly unique, as her creations go beyond mere visual appeal – they are powerful instruments for channel energy and deploy its wonders. Working with soft colors and metallics, infused with sacred geometry and ancient symbolism, she weaves together masterpieces that hold profound spiritual meaning. Before beginning each creation, Iryna stands in front of the canvas, connecting soul to soul with individuals or professional projects with any type of positive and lifely intentions. She then asks, “What is it that wishes to reveal itself?” This energetic connection serves as the foundation for a transformative and deeply personal journey. In a meditative state, Iryna enters into a process of profound transformation, as she witnesses the colors of her clients’ energy fields taking shape before her eyes.

Her artistic process transcends conventional boundaries, as she embraces her intuitive flow, allowing the energies and messages from the universe to guide her brush. The final touch to each masterpiece is her signature “stardust blowing technique”, which delicately adorns the art with sparkling kaleidoscope dust, adding an ethereal and iridescent quality.

The end result is a personal Soul Energy masterpiece, a reflection of the unique essence and energy of each individual.For Iryna, the true beauty of her art lies in its ability to expand the inner light within her clients, revealing their true selves and bringing greater harmony, joy, and consciousness into their everyday lives. Each stroke of her brush, each symbolic element, and each harmonious color palette work in unison to create a visual language that speaks to the depths of the soul.With her artistic philosophy revolving around love and abundance, rather than pain, Iryna’s art beautifully resonates with this uplifting message. Each painting emanates a harmonious flow of energy, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a boundless sea of colors and emotions. In a world often characterized by chaos and stress, Iryna’s creations stand as a symbol of tranquility, providing a sanctuary for the soul to find solace and healing.Today, Iryna’s mission as an artist is to share her unique gift with the world, opening hearts and expanding souls

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