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Soul Energy Artist

Unveiling the Creative Awakening

From her earliest days, Iryna had a deep connection with her spiritual inner voice, yet she yearned for a way to express it authentically. It was through the discovery of Aura-Soma, the profound knowledge of energetic colors and numbers, that her path to artistic self-realization began to unfold.

A Soul's journey of self-expression and spiritual

As the questions of self-discovery echoed within her soul, Iryna sought to uncover the keys to realizing her highest vibration in the colorful world that encompassed her being. Guided by the universe, she encountered numerous teachers and mentors who illuminated her path, offering the answers she had long sought. The revelations that unfolded before her unveiled a two-fold calling that would shape her artistic journey:

Nurturing the Artistic Self

In a moment of revelation, Iryna was urged to pay deep attention to her artistic self. It was a recognition of the innate creative energy that resided within her, waiting to be expressed and shared with the world. Despite never having received formal art lessons, Iryna recognized that her gift flowed effortlessly from her soul, guided by a higher power.

Creating spiritual paintings

Surprising even herself, Iryna embraced the call to create spiritual paintings. With each brushstroke, she embarked on a profound journey of self-expression and transformation. As the canvas became a conduit for her spiritual connection, she began to witness flashes of light and images within her inner vision. In the act of painting, Iryna discovered a deep sense of strength and vitality, knowing that she was aligned with her soul's purpose.


as a soul energy artist, Iryna possesses the remarkable ability to see the soul light and colors of each individual's energy field. With this unique gift, she translates the vibrant hues and energetic essence onto canvas, crafting personalized energetic masterpieces that illuminate and celebrate the beauty within.

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