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Soul Energy Artist

Words of Inspiration:
testimonials about Iryna Parepskaya’s
soul energy art

Read testimonials from individuals who have experienced the profound impact of Iryna Parepskaya’s soul energy art. Explore the personal stories and reflections that testify to the transformative power of her creations. Discover how her art has touched lives, awakened emotions, and inspired personal growth and self-discovery.

Marie Diamond

The Transformational Art Work of Iryna Parepskaya,
Soul Energy Artist, has touched me deeply.

The Light, the combination of colours and images in her
Energy Masterpieces radiates into the room and makes
your immediately feel more joyful and lighter.

A new way of Energy art is born.

Marie Diamond,
Global Transformational Teacher and Feng Shui Master,
and Star in the Global Phenomena The Secret.

“I have known Iryna for several years now, and each time I see one of her paintings, I am amazed at its vibrancy and energy, even when the colours are soft and gentle.  There is so much more to her paintings than just pretty shapes and colours.  For those who understand the inate power of Sacred Geometry and Colour and the energies they each contain and convey, we quickly realise that each piece Iryna creates, radiates a very specific and important message.  This is Art for the current Age in which we live, and for humanity’s ever-increasing state of evolution.  Just as we are becoming more aware of climate change, and other globally occurring conditions which affect our physical health, so we are also becoming more aware that we should be looking after our spiritual health as well.  There is now a “Climate Change of the Soul” being experienced by many.  We need to find the deeper meanings of life, and discover ways to recapture the Peace, Harmony, Love and Kindness, which the world seems to have lost just now.  Iryna’s work perfectly captures the energies required for us to do this.  I am profoundly grateful that we have several of Iryna’s paintings in our home, and the difference they make to the ambience of each room, is quite tangible.”

~ Linda Graham at Colour Resonance,

Brisbane, Australia.

Colour Therapist Practitioner & Teacher

Reiki Practitioner & Teacher

Hatha Yoga Teacher, Reflexologist

“Iryna paints  with passion and love and it is an incredible power.
She is able to connect with the person in a deep level for who she creates painting.
I was so happy to receive her masterpiece and I feel great emotions looking at art. It  gives me strength and happiness.
Thank you so much dear Iryna for this amazing art.

Diana – Italy

“Iryna‘s painting leads us to an unknown world..
When I saw her first painting I would dare to say that the beauty on the canvas was unknown to her self as well..;
I was touched by the harmony I saw on her little first painting she showed me shyly .
Colours and shapes was appeared as by magic, like coming from a distant world…
The inner secret of this painting is leading to the depth of soul.
Iryna made some paintings for me in many different times of my life,  in each of them she put inside my energy, which was different according to my emotions.. ;
that as a result of her meditations connecting herself with my energy, leading such spiritual influence on her canvas with a positive, bright and beauty imprinting.
That’s why the emotions that come out from her art are due not only to  the use of beautiful colours or never obvious images,
but as a result of a  spiritual connection that leads beyond matter, and let us appreciate some kind of harmonies.. which seems to be almost like a music of soul.

Lorena – Italy

“I  got the opportunity to meet Iryna in person. When I get introduced with her  art I could not resist and asked her to create a masterpiece for me.
While painting, Iryna called me and told about the bright parts of my soul, which I hidden and was afraid to show. She revealed who I am.

I received my painting, my masterpiece, at a very difficult moment in my life. Everything seemed gray and hopeless.
I went through divorce, two children in my hands, loss of property. The world was collapsing.
But Iryna just said to me: “Your life will change”.
I don’t know how the painting works, but after two months I met my future husband.
Now I am a happy wife and mother of two wonderful children. Our home is filled with light and love.
The painting in the house hangs on the wall in the main room of the house. I feel how it  protects me.
Iryna has a unique talent. She is not only masterly owns knowledge of color, but she knows how to feel the soul of the person.
I wish you a lot of success in your creation and hope that people could meet you on their way.

You fill this world with light.
Thank you for that”

Helena – Stockholm

Iryna Parepskaya is a very talented artist, her work is very unique.

By looking to her paintings, all chakras are opened up and transcendence, especially a heart chakra.

“Each of her painting is unique and shines with the spiritual light.

Her paintings radiate high vibrations and beautiful divine energy.
Her work is very powerful that can change people’s lives.
I do admire her beautiful soul that wants to change the world with the powerful energy and angelic high vibrations.”

Elizabeth – New York