Soul Energy Artist

Interview on Los Angeles Wire

Iryna Parepskaya on Communicating the Importance of Energy through Art

ryna Parepskaya, a soul-energy artist hailing from Belarus and now residing in the Mediterranean Principality of Monaco, crafts unique and spiritually significant art. A former champion gymnast, she found her true passion for color and spirituality through her art after studying at the Catholic University of Milan and being guided by spiritual teachers.

As a young prodigy in the world of artistic gymnastics, Iryna’s grace and skill earned her countless victories at the championship level. But her talents didn’t stop there – after graduating high school, she ventured to Italy to delve into the world of fashion while studying at the Catholic University of Milan. Her linguistic expertise in international relations and fluency in Russian, Italian, and English proved to be invaluable assets.

With a natural inclination towards the spiritual realm, Iryna’s inner voice always whispered to her. It wasn’t until she met a group of wise teachers who imparted their knowledge of numerology, color, and form that she finally found a way to express her innermost thoughts and feelings. At the age of 28, her spiritual mission was finally revealed to her. She was called to tap into her artistic side and begin creating spiritual paintings that would inspire and uplift others.

“I think that all my art expression is rather innovative; it is about energy, colors, and innovative approach to the art to create something that can help you to achieve a joyful evolution. It is art that can heal people deep inside through love and light,” she said.

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