Soul Energy Artist

Forbes: Art as a Path to Self-Discovery

How Iryna Parepskaya’s Art Reveals the Depths of the Soul

Dutch painter Piet Mondrian famously stated that “The position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel.” If these words resonate and seem important to you, be sure you are not alone. Today, this idea of the artist’s role has become clearer in a world in which it has become more difficult to remember what art is truly about. 

While technologies like AI and 3D printing have given everyone the ability to replicate reality or bring something “new” into existence, the true artist has the power to go beyond an idea. One artist who exemplifies such an ability is Iryna Parepskaya, a unique and talented artist who is bringing spirituality and art together.

Known around the world as the “Soul Energy Artist” for his ability to tap into emotional and spiritual energies, Iryna was born in Belarus. Her journey into the arts started at an early age when she proved to be a talented artistic gymnast. This early exposure to physical movement and expression laid the foundation for her artistic exploration later in life.

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